The Misadventures of Flapjack! Awesome!

ridiculously good. Proteigon by Burayan.

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Be a vegetarian by Glossy Rey. They also provided a rig demo. Super fun.

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In the Roldos species this animal resides. Usually a really nice, kind, and caring creature. Hates hearing it’s own name and prefers Samantha instead.
Person 1: Rollosaur!

Jean-Francois (2009): a short directed by Bruno MANGYOKU and Tom HAUGOMAT

"Having been blown away
by a book
I am in the gutter
at the end of the street
in little pieces
like the alphabet"
— Mary Ruefle, from “White Buttons” (via bookoasis)

Seventeen Evergreen - Polarity Song, by Lucky Number Music

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love it. very clever.

Art Everywhere

love it. very clever.


Art Everywhere

made me laugh


Beware: a plague of jerks mine onyx and quartz in that cave.

(47 letters)

First of all - this tumblr posts daily pangrams. Second of all - I just learned what a pangram was.

Her eyes were cold and stony; the Manhattans brought that out in her, he knew that. But so did she. Why did she have to be like this tonight of all nights? He returned the look and ordered two coffees.


John Stezaker has a show at the Whitechapel Gallery until the 18th of March - I look forward to making it along next month when I’m in town, as well as the Isotype exhibition at the V&A which closes on the 13th.

London people: I’m about from the 10th to 27th of March (roughly) - is there anything else I should see?

Wow. This series is too much. My mind is being blown. omg they’re eating cake, they’re playing poker… in german…