Visiting Mum? Don’t forget your manners // Use the coasters, savage (at

Bitches be like, “where’d she get that fly-ass face gear?!”. And I’d tell them but like, tmi, plus yolo, you know? (at WorkWorkWorkshop)

Grab a freshly printed set of these beauties, this Saturday. We’ll be at the @etsy Made In Canada show from 10-4 in the MaRs building, table 46. Come thru the University doors. Apparently I’ll be in the glass room! (at Sat 10-4, MaRS building 101 College)

Yay! Guess what? My plates, shotglasses, and bookshelves are now available on BRIKA! Come see: (at

You’ll never guess what we’re having for dinner (at

If you bought it from Said the King it was made right here at our downtown shop at Queen + Dufferin, in Toronto (at WorkWorkWorkshop)

Use for storage, climbing, and keeping watch // Higher Ground bookshelf (at

Rainy days are best spent here. Send me back! (at

Is it time to break open the The End table yet? It IS 5 after whiskey o’clock… (at

Guys, I think I forgot to introduce you to The End table! It’s the only thing you’ll need when the end comes. Holds 1 glass + a bottle of your best. Made of Toronto ash (which are all coming down + need to be used!) + ceramic (at

It’s Friday again already?! Get out! 🙌👏 (at

Knock em down, line em up. Detail shots of our ceramic shot glasses. (at

Friday, I’m so happy you’re here I could just claw your eyes out. (1/4 prints from our New! ‘Lights out’ pillowcase set) (at

BOOM. #BBADAXES Burrito FUNdraiser for #axeouthophobia Missed out? Donate here: (at Bensimon Byrne)

Said the King is now available at LEN, at Danforth + Coxwell! They’ve got nearly our whole line so if you’ve ever wanted to see a shelf, bowl, pillowcase, anythings before buying come see these fine folks! (at Len: Democratic Purveyors of Fine Art & Beautiful Things)